Why Global Player2.0 ?


Japan can present unique challenges to foreign companies doing business here. These challenges extend not to just the foreigners working in, or even outside, Japan, but also to their Japanese colleagues.


Points of friction can appear as 

  • Strategies, either global or local that don’t perform as planned, sometimes with disappointing results. 

  • Managers and other staff tending to be quiet, rarely asking questions or sharing information, seemingly disengaged.


A two-way engagement challenge

  • Japanese sometimes find foreign managers and colleagues overly aggressive, 

  • tending to one-way communication styles and 

  • unaccepting of their points of view, so in short hard to work with. (But,  more than likely, few will communicate that)

Dual solutions 

It is because this is a two-way challenge that 'dual solutions', are often required. When you take into account both sides of the story, you go beyond culture, rewriting team dynamics. Dual solutions can produce game-changing results. It’s about uncovering the real challenges, cooling friction, and increasing performance to positively affect your bottom line.


We employ our proprietary Friction Point Analysis to discover actual or potential challenges that can adversely affect the performance of individuals and teams. Our modular approach allows us to easily customize our solutions so we are not reinventing the wheel every time. This keeps your costs down while also providing targeted solutions that have a proven track record.