Global Player 2.0 Method

Developing an engaged, proactive mindset

Communication in Conflict

Communication defined differently: In Japan, business people tend to share thoughts and opinions in more individual settings rather than amongst the group. This is especially so when more senior members are present. Add to the mix, a cultural aversion to risk and having to speak in a non-native language, means communication is challenging at best. 

Data check: In fact, a recent sampling of teams from 15 companies representing 7 different industries including retail, IT, consulting, finance, fashion, automotive and healthcare reveals that a staggering 63.6% of Japanese say they are 'frustrated', while only 8.6% of their

non-Japanese colleagues realize there may be a problem. Moreover, 51.7% say they are not confident and 55.1% say they are nervous when required to speak in English at work, especially during conference calls. How does this affect performance?


Fundamentally different: To further inflame the situation, the practice of not sharing ideas and opinions, even relatively openly, is in direct contrast to global business expectations and the rules of business engagement. It doesn't have to that way.


Global Player 2.0 is designed specifically for Japanese to develop an engaged, proactive mindset required in the global workplace.

Assessing the Global Workplace

Performance issues: The average Japanese  business person spends years of time, effort and large amounts of money learning English. Even after years, many still struggle. These are people of various industries, roles and ages who work using English, but are very unsatisfied, and, are at a loss as to how to improve their situation. These are the people who are at the level we call Global Player 1.0.

Japan Research: In 2016, we designed a dual survey, called Friction Point Analysis™, or FPA, to define and analyze the what we view as a, long-standing performance problem. 


Friction points (FP) indicate an actual or potential challenge that can adversely affect the performance of individuals and teams. In Japan, because of the culture of not voicing complaints, FPs are difficult to detect, especially for non-Japanese. FPs usually smolder for a long time, slowly causing damage. These almost never 'burst into flame' so go unrecognized. 


Getting to the root cause: There are two FPA surveys. One for Japanese employees and the other for their non-Japanese colleagues. Both surveys ask almost the same questions, allowing for close comparison. Additional data from the same FPA  mentioned above in 'Communication in Conflict' sheds more light on these friction points or gaps in awareness. Of Japanese surveyed, 43.2% say they 'participate assertively' in global settings while only 17.2% their non-Japanese colleagues agree. This gap is a key root cause of the frustration mentioned above. It doesn't have to be this way.


FPA surveys identify friction points in a team or company so we can then customize the GP2.0 programs to best suit your needs.

Global Player 2.0

 performance communcation 

Global Player 2.0 (GP2.0), the next level, is designed to relieve this widespread frustration, along with a number of other challenges, and, in turn, raise performance. Rather than the more common practice of studying of more English, our method focuses on enabling Japanese to internalize a specific, yet natural, Western approach and mindset towards engaged, proactive communication and action.


We do this by providing a clear, intellectual understanding of the 'unwritten’ rules of engagement for business in global environments. Grasping this mindset is relatively simple. The real key rests in applying a number of specific approaches that are designed to, over time, change the mindset and behavior of the individual and raise that person’s ability to fully engage in a global setting.


GP2.0, the method has been developed specifically for Japanese people who are dissatisfied with the level at which they are currently doing business in English. GP2.0 works for those new to global business and, even more so, for those who have been working in English for many, many years, regardless of their level. 

Leadership & Training ROI: In addition, to ensure a more complete internalization and mastery of the GP2.0 skills and mindset, we have developed a companion workshop. This workshop engages senior management, supporting them in their efforts to globalize team members.  Strategies, plans and action steps are clearly described and discussed, enabling a strong ROI via increased performance and motivation.

More ongoing support below


Organizational Change in the Global Workplace

Developing the mindset: To truly develop the mindset required, the GP2.0 skills must, of course, become second-nature. We have developed a number of tools and resources to support this effort. 


GP2.0 Start-up Guide: The start-up guide provides attendees with solid guidelines for getting their global team involved in the process quickly. By doing so they can increase their levels of comfort and confidence at every regular team meeting, online or off. This is a powerful and vital support tool, especially for people who are particularly shy.


GP2.0 Journal: The journal is designed to keep attendees thinking about their newly acquired GP2.0 skills and how they and others use them. These skills are leveraged naturally by native speakers and high level non-native speakers of English. By keeping a regular journal, they will internalize the GP2.0 skills faster and with a deeper understanding.


The GP2.0 Book: The GP2.0 book is written as a story to provide a strong visual experience that broadens understanding of why and how the GP2.0 method works. It can be read before or after the GP2.0 program. It is in English and Japanese for ease of absorption.


Inter connected: All of the above support tools and resources are discussed with management as part of our 'Leadership & Training ROI' workshop.


Ongoing Support

Personal support is vital to the success of the individual as they seek to develop the mindset necessary for doing business globally. 


Personal Ongoing Support consists of the following:

  1. Working Globally blog, written in native English

  2. WorldArx blog, written in native Japanese

  3. GP2.0 Support Community, a private forum for sharing and learning


The GP2.0 blogs bring relevant knowledge, differentiating points of view, trends and potential solutions gained from other workshops and coaching sessions. All are related to working in global environments. Also included are regular interviews with business leaders from various backgrounds, countries and industries. These leaders provide their expertise, unique views and insight, each in a different light. 


GP2.0 Support Community: This community is a 24/7 online forum exclusively for attendees of the GP2.0 workshop. 


The community provides timely, individually-tailored advice to each member’s question. It is moderated and monitored by workshop facilitators, with members also able to share their views and provide advice. 


The GP2.0 Support Community allows a high level of personal coaching difficult to provide on a large scale. 

Advanced Performance

The GP2.0 method provides a foundation for performance communication in the global workplace. Refresher lectures are usually enough for the average worker to get back on track and increase motivation. For those in management or in roles where they are required to lead, manage or communicate persuasively to meet the needs of their role, we have developed a number of options.


Advanced Performance Options include the following:

  • Executive Coaching, working on specific, individual goals and challenges

  • Refresher Lectures, keep momentum and motivation

  • Advanced GP2.0 workshops

    • Presenting Under Pressure, appearing professional even when nervous

    • Mastering Q&A, confidence under fire

    • Executive Presence, projecting a professional impression

    • Media Training, say it right when on camera

    • Pushback, getting strategies, projects and budgets approved by HQ 


Your needs: Our solutions and programs are modular so that we can contain costs while customizing to meet your specific requirements . 


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