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Warren Arbuckle

Founder of Focus Cubed Inc and original developer of Global Player2.0. Warren is fluent in both English and Japanese, and has over 30 years of executive experience in Japan and the Asia Pacific.

An experienced executive coach and facilitator, he has spent the last 15 years supporting Fortune 500 companies with strategic, innovative and communication solutions. Warren works with executives and their teams to enhance vital business skills such as sales, negotiation, presenting under pressure, executive presence, media training, and mastering Q&A. He combines the former skills with his unique, signature program Global Player 2.0 which in develops engaged, proactive mindsets for the global workplace.

Warren has published 2 books, Innovative Problem Solving (2008, PHP) and Global Player 2.0, the story (2016, Amazon.jp)

Founder, Managing Director, Focus Cubed Inc

Masaru Someya

Founder of WorldArx Inc. and original developer of Global Player2.0.  Masa is an experienced global facilitator and coach, specializing in leadership and sales skills. He has a wealth of experience working in a truly global environment, with 30 years of extensive marketing and sales experience in the IT Industry along with 23 years’ experience in managing and developing teams, which includes multinational teams consisting of people from Europe, Asia and Americas.

Founder, Managing Director, WorldArx Inc

Satoru Maruyama

Sat has worked for over 30 years in management and consulting positions in North America, 

Asia Pacific, and Japan, with a strong focus on high tech. 

While currently holding a leadership role in his own company, he also works as an executive coach and facilitator. He coaches both foreign and Japanese senior leaders and managers looking to increase their communication effectiveness when presenting ideas, negotiating with suppliers, building teams, leading change and interacting with the media. As an executive himself, with extensive experience working in multicultural environments, Sat is very effective at developing and aligning teams that are facing challenging situations. 

Senior Consultant

Keiko Watabe

Keiko has extensive experience in working in both Japanese and foreign work environments. As with all members of Focus Cubed, she is fully bilingual in Japanese and English. She deftly juggles the management of operational resources and finance with lending her unique insights into global communication challenges. 

VP Operations

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WorldArx Inc and Focus Cubed Inc present Global Player 2.0, engaging assertively in global environments. GP2.0 began as two separate ideas until Masa Someya and Warren Arbuckle shared what they both thought was something original. Those ideas developed into the unique GP2.0 method that fundamentally changes the way teams communicate.


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